We are the politic representants of all the international students, in front of the university and its organs. We speack out to defend you if you meet problems, and we stand out actively for the international students life. It is important for us to lead projects in order to go deeper into the internationalisation of the uni and to help you in your project on this domain.

We are working together with the different organs and associations of the uni in order to promote interculturel dialogue and work hard to create a huge international network, in which you can participate actively by contacting us.

Questions? Suggestions?

If you have Questions or Suggestions come around during the office hours.

International University

Center for international Students (ZiS) :Webseite

ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Saarbrücken :Facebook

AEGEE Kaiserslautern-Saarbrücken: Website

regular’s tables in Saarbrücken

regular’s table in Saarbrücken : Link

Sprachlerncafé at Sprachenzentrum (language center): Webseite

Deutsch-Französischer Stammtisch // Stammtisch Franco-Allemande : Webseite

international theatergroups

Theater :
ACT (english Theater)

Los Mutantes (spanish Theater)

Le Pont (french Theater)

Dance :
Boyana (bulgarian dance) http://boyana.de/

Daniel Neugebauer

Office hours:

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