Students at work is a joint project of the Cooperation Centre Science and Working Life (KoWA) , the AStA of Saarland University and the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB- Jugend) Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland.

The office hours on 06.04.2023 have to be cancelled. individual appointments and enquiries by e-mail are still possible.
Taking a job is easy. But more difficult is  to not do anything wrong!
Only those who inform themselves correctly beforehand will not be surprised about deductions for tax or social security. If you know your rights against your employer, you don’t have to accept everything.
You have problems or questions about your job? We are here to help you.
We’ll tell you exactly what’s going on.
Fast, uncomplicated and free.
For example, we can help you with :
– 520,- Euro- and assistant jobs beside your studies
– Rights & duties in a part-time job
– Social security
– Self-employment
– Employment contract, work certificate and internship formalities
You want to inform yourself and get an overview? 
Here is a List of helpful websites and other counselling services (some in different languages).

Important notes: There will be no job placement. For legal reasons, please note that we do not provide legal advice in the sense of the Legal Advice Act. In case we can’t give you any advice concerning your issue, we are able to refer you to other assistent platforms.

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Joline Lamwersiek

Consultation hours:

Thursday:  2 – 4 p.m.



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