You can find out here how you can get involved in the committees or otherwise get involved at the university.

If you have any questions, you can also contact the Department of Political Education at any time.

University Politics explained

StuPa, AStA, Senate: the structure of our university can sometimes be quite confusing. The following video should make the university policy at our university understandable and explain to you what you can actually do with your vote in the committee elections.


The following student members are currently represented in the university committees:

Lukas Redemann (Aktive Idealisten)

Soheil Hemmati-Ortakand (Linke Liste/Grüne HSG)

Timo Gros (RCDS)

Ausschuss des Senats für Angelegenheiten in Studium & Lehre

Hannah Spies (Jusos)

Moritz Philipp (Grüne HSG)

Katharina Weigert (Aktive Idealisten)

Ausschuss des Senats für Angelegenheiten in der Forschung

Ariane Teymouri (Aktive Idealisten)

Timo Speith (unabhängig)

Ausschuss des Senats für internationale Angelegenheiten

Ariane Teymouri (Aktive Idealisten)

Lukas Redemann (Aktive Idealisten)

Kevin Ewen
Anne-Lorraine Ring

Katharina Waller

Annabelle Weber

Katharina Waller (stellv. Vorsitzende)

Govinda Sicheneder

Christian Backes

Lukas Redemann

Aikaterini Azoidou

Teresa Jungblut

Eva Molter

Simon Anell

Isabelle Bley

Tilman Enke

Markus Tost

Justina Doffinè

Laura-Katharina Meyer

Felix Nimmrichter

Franziska Ittenbach

Katharina Waller

Benedict-Julian Weber

Philipp Preukschas

Lorenz Greifoner

Maximilian Nelles

Sebastian Arens

Stefan Königsbüscher

Lea Atzinger