The AStA offers students a whole range of different advisory services in the form of departments.  If you don’t know which contact person to turn to, then you’ve come to the right place. The AStA office is the first point of contact for all students who are looking for advice, information or a specific contact person.

During our opening hours you can not only come by to ask specific questions, but also to browse through our wide range of free flyers, books and magazines in the entrance area. There you will also find a bulletin board for job and housing offers.

All our consulting services in one place: AStA flyer

In detail, the office is responsible for:

  • Providing initial information and forwarding it to appropriate contact points
  • Administration of the Freiraum
  • Activation of submitted events
  • Display of flyers and posters
  • Ordering materials for student representatives
  • Correction of protocols
  • Administration of the online bulletin board
  • Ticket sales for AStA fetes
  • Mail acceptance and collection
  • Lending of the ANC headphones
  • Härtefallantrag für das Parken an der Universität, Parkregelung für den Außenbereich Campus, in der sogenannten Parkzone B:

    Antrag nur noch per e-Mail an:

  • The current sports programme is available in the first week of lectures or in the last week for the semester break.