The department for Queer discusses Themes of various groups which are neglected because of their difference from the norm. Likewise we focus on gender, Homo- and Bi- and Intersexuality, Transidentity, Ableism and Racism and ther norm criteria.
Therefor we offer a variety of programs which are open to all studetns and bring these varous groups together. For example at the Queer regular table for lesbian, gay, bi-, intersexual and trans* students.

Throughout the year this department organizes different movie presentations and discussions that present and discuss the single terms or include all the terms in the umbrella term queer. During workshops we provide the oppportunity to take actions and learn about the transistion into Drag King/Queen or Tunte.

Behind everything their’s the idea of an open equal society which doesn’t blame you by existing norms. Where you express your gender, bodysensitivity and love the way you want. Where you don’t blame yourself for being you and where difference is beautiful.

Sounds interesting? You’ll find more informations on our website. Feel free to write us your questions via e-mail oder say hello during office hours. Same goes for interest in joining us. We enjoy meeting new faces and ideas.

Referat Queer Website
Facebook Queer Referat Saarbrücken
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The Queer Cafe offers a meeting point for LGBTIQ students that enjoy the ooportunity to meet like-minded people at university.

Every Queer Cafe has a theme. We offer board games, discussions, prepare workshops, bake, barbeque or simply talk about things in the everyday life. Themonthly theme is presented on our facebook page.

During summer semester 2019 we’ll meet up monthly every first wednesday. Please stop by. Your’re welcome to join us.


Beside the Queer Cafe we meet up overy third Wednesday for the regular table which takes place on at Cafe Zing in Saarbrücken. We start later and are likely to switch to other Cafes and Pubs.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?

If you have any ideas or want to get involved, just get in touch with us or visit our presentation. Nearly every talent finds a use with us 😉 We are looking forward to you!

Drag is of course not a must. But we make it possible if you are interested.

AK Queer

The working cicle Queer supports the visibility and sensibility of LGBTIQ* students at our University. The working cicle is connected to the Queer department for Queer at AstA. There’re regular events like the Queer Cafe and the Queer regular table. We meet up wednesdays and differ in our location between the University and the Cafe Zing in Saarbrücken.
Same as the group in Saarbrücken Homburg has another group. In both Saarbrücken and Homburg dates are communicated through our common newsletter. The newsletter is written in english and german and shares not only our events but also information about Saarbrück and the wider Region.

Max Meissauer

Schedules :
Tuesday 10am-12am
and on appointment



0681 – 302 4589