This department supports and endorses various cultural activities on campus. Whether you are planning a BBQ-Party or a video project – everyone will be helped.

Aside our established parties, several student-friendly events are in planning. Events such as a comedyslam or a bandcontest for students will be held more regularly on campus to support our students. Along students’ councils, we are supporting all other student’s groups when it comes to plan, execute or provide material for their festivities. Numerous event-related things are to be let.

We can support you with the following things:

  • 8 Beer tables

  • 20 Beer benches

  • 3x3m Pavillon

  • 6x3m Pavillon

  • BBQ – Grill incl. fire bowl

  • 30L Pot

  • Bigger Handcart

  • Smaller Handcart

  • Hand pallet truck

  • 2x Active speaker + 1x subwoofer

  • 1x Microphone (cable)

  • 1x Microphone (radio)

  • Cables to connect your phone to our speaker

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Do you have any questions or suggestions?

Feel free to mail us if you are interested in our support, want to suggest a new project, provide feedback, want to borrow something or just thank us.

Kevin Ewen

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