Konstantin Thuere

External consultant Homburg

Office hours (hopefully) will resume in the Winter term 2021
available via mail



06841 1627499

Nico Lehmann

Consultant for study quality

Office hours will (hopefully) resume in the Winter term 2021
available via mail



06841 1627499

The AStA Homburg Office takes care of the concerns of Homburg students with problems relating to university, courses, student financing, etc.. In order to guarantee such an offer, we are in permanent contact with the respective departments at the AStA Saarbrücken and also arrange personal appointments.

The representation of the AStA in Homburg consists on the one hand of the AStA external department, which is elected annually by the Homburg students in a direct election. On the other hand, there is the department for study quality, who also represent you in numerous committees, such as the Faculty Council or the Extended Faculty Council.

Furthermore, we represent the Homburger interests at various meetings in Saarbrücken and ensure that the link to Saarbrücken is permanently extended so that the sense of togetherness as a common university does not have to suffer due to local distance.
At the AStA office you can also get tickets for AStA events and applications for refund of your semester ticket.

Further information

You can also find more information on our Medical and Dental Portal.