BeStE-Prize 2021


AStA and University award outstanding student contributions to university, community and social improvement initiatives This year the AStA and Saarland University once again award outstanding student contributions to university life, community building and social integration. The prize is open to all students who were enrolled at Saarland University in the winter semester of 2020/2021 or Summer semester of 2021. Entrants can either enter themselves or be nominated by others. Submission deadline is May 28th 2021 June 18th 2021. The jury has decided to extend the deadline by three weeks. We look foward to your entrants! All documents can be found here: [...]

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Free shots and Repeating Exam


The senat of Saarland university has approved of a free shot rule for failed exams and the possibility to improve grades of exams in the summer term 2020.

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