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Dear members of Saarland university,

From 09/06 to 09/26 we will participate in the nationwide event “Stadtradeln”. The event wants to encourage schools, companies, colleges or other teams to compete against others in the same city. Participating means to promote the usage of bicycles and wanting a better bike infrastructure.

We want to make a team with the bike-loving members of our university.

So join us (via this LINK or Stept-to-Step at the bottom)! You can also establish sub-teams, where you can compare yourselves with others (e.g. Computer Science vs Psychologie)!


1. Registrate on
2. Choose as city (“Kommune”): Saarbrücken im Regionalverband Saarbrücken
3. Choose as team: Universität des Saarlandes – SB
4. Let’s go, ride on! (ab 06.09.)

Our team: