FAQ Semesterticket

No! Since 01.10.2020 the ticket is again only valid up to Saarhölzbach. Continuing your journey on public transport in the city of Trier is not covered by the scope of validity of the Saarland semester ticket; you must purchase a ticket from the VRT. We are currently trying to introduce a connecting semester ticket. As long as this has not yet been introduced, the cheapest solution is a monthly ticket for pupils, which you can use as a student.


The semester ticket i valid in all busses and regional trains (RB, RE and Saarbahn) in Saarland. You can’t use the ticket in long distance trains (IC, EC, ICE).

With Trains you can travel only in Saarland, only with the Saarbahn you can get to Saarguemines.

If you want to travel farther with regional trains (RB,RE), you need a ticket from

  • Saarhölzbach (on the track Saarbrücken – Trier),
  • Nohfelden (on the track Saarbrücken – Mainz),
  • Homburg (on the track Saarbrücken – Kaiserslautern – Mannheim) bzw.
  • Einöd (on the track Saarbrücken – Pirmasens – Karlsruhe).

For trips to France you need a ticket from

  • Forbach Grenze (on the track Saarbrücken – Metz – Paris) bzw.
  • Hanweiler Grenze (on the track Saarbrücken – Strassbourg) lösen.

For long distance trains (IC, ICE, TGV) you always need to buy a ticket for the whole distance.

Students of Colleges in Saarland do have the possibility for a “Westpfalz-Anschluss-Semesterticket” (additional semester ticket for the “Westpfalz”). This is valid only together with the original semester ticket around Kaiserslautern. It costs € 197,60 (12.02.2020). More informations here: VRN.

ACHTUNG: Auch wenn die UDS auf dieser Seite nicht explizit angegeben ist, darf das Ticket erworben werden! Das Ticket gilt nicht bis Neustadt!

The ticket is always valid for six months: In the winterterm from 1st of October to 31th of March and in the sommerterm from 1st of April to 30th of September.

The semesterticket is payed alongside the Semesterbeitrag.

Yes, but only under certain circumstances! More informations to refunds and hardship decisions here.

No. You only can travel with children younger than seven years for free.

As long as there is enough room for your bike in the bus (The busdriver decides that) you can take your bike with you after 9 a.m.

You can also take your bike with you in the regional trains (RB, RE).

No. The semesterticket is only for students of the colleges in Saarland valid.

Your photo on the ticket as well as the SaarVV logo have to be readable on your ticket. If it is too eradicated, please get a new card.