Parkregelung für den Außenbereich Campus, in der sogenannten Parkzone B:

Antrag nur noch per E-Mail an:

Roule for students by the postcode

You can use the car-parks P1 (Uni Mitte) and P3 (Uni Ost) for free, providing that your postcode shows, you have to drive longer than 45 min with busses and trains to the campus. Also, students with a walking disability can get free access.

Between 5 p.m and 7 a.m. as well as on weekends the car-parks are free for students.

Won’t get free access to the car-parks:

  • students living near the campus with postcodes: 66111, 66113, 66115, 66117, 66119, 66121, 66123, 66125, 66128, 66129, 66130, 66132, 66133, 66280, 66386
  • students, who are living unplausible far away with postcodes: 00000-54199, 54550-55699, 55800-66110, 67000-76725, 77000-99999
  • students living abroad (except Luxenbourg and France (Departement 57 Moselle))
  • students on leave
  • Students of medicin in their clinical studies.