Semesterticket – a model of solidarity

The university considers the principe of solidarity very hightly. Independently of the personnal use they do of the Semesterticket, all students pay the same amount for it, and have the same claim of fullfilment of the prestation. This is the only way to insure that a Semsterticket can be provided to all students at a fair preis, the lower possible.

The AStA have the responsability to represent the interests of the students in front of the transport companies, in order to define the extent of the Semesterticket. Diese haben so den Vorteil einer hohen Planungssicherheit durch einen festen, großen Kundenstamm, und die Studierenden bekommen ein Nahverkehrsticket, das im Vergleich mit allen anderen Ticket-Modellen konkurrenzlos günstig ist.

It is often criticized that everybody is forced to take the Semesterticket. Therefore, this is the only model existing in order that we can be able to provide such a prestation to the students.

Regulations for the 9-Euro-Ticket

  • The 9-Euro-Ticket is valid nationwide in the months of June, July and August 2022.
  • The students do not have to purchase a 9-Euro-Ticket, because the student ID, as far as the contribution for the semester ticket has been paid, can be used as a substitute for the 9-Euro-Ticket!!!                                                       Download Confirmation 🠔
  • The 9-Euro-Ticket is valid throughout Germany in buses and trains in local and regional traffic (except for long-distance traffic of the DB AG, for example ICE, IC, EC as well as Flix trains and buses).
  • For more information, see the SaarVV FAQ and the federal government’s website.
  • The cost reduction will not be refunded, instead the fee for the semester ticket of winter term 22/23 will be reduced.
    Students who are enrolled in the summer term 2022 and wish to exmatriculate for the winter semester will not receive a refund. Ersties will again pay the same amount in the winter term as previously enrolled students.

Semesterticket FAQ

You can find the actual information for all questions about the Semesterticket on the page Mobility.

Refund of the semesterticket

You can find the information on the possibilities of refund of the semestertickethere.