The aim of BAföG is to give every young person the opportunity to complete an education that matches his or her abilities and interests, regardless of his or her social and economic situation. Qualified training should not fail due to a lack of financial means on the part of the trainee, his or her parents or spouse. Requirement is the involuntery stay in Germany, if you are an international student.

Weitere Informationen zum BAföG

BAföG-Amt an der Universität des Saarlandes
BAföG – Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz


The earning limit for BAföG is 5400,-€ for twelve months(period of granting), which means an average of exactly 450,-€ per month. Up to this amount, the additional income is not counted towards BAföG.
Furthermore, the asset limit of 7500 €, which is calculated from the total property (money laying on bank + vehicle + condominium).

BAföG und Mietzuschuss

BAföG recipients are not entitled to housing benefit (except BAföG recipients who maintain a joint household with an ALG II recipient, so-called “mixed household”). Further information on housing benefit can be found here.

Rent subsidy for BAföG recipients

Since 01.01.2007, students who live with their parents and receive BAföG can apply for a subsidy for the rental costs from the ARGE. This claim is based on §22, paragraph 7 SGB II.

The ARGE Saarbrücken, Hafenstraße 18 (employment office), 1st floor, room 1031, Mr. Kneip Tel. (0681/97038-3400) or Mr. Koch (-3402) is responsible for the entire city association of Saarbrücken.

For this subsidy the “Application for subsidy for uncovered, reasonable costs for maintenance and heating for trainees” must be submitted. Also required for the application:

  • BAföG-Bescheid

  • Copy of the rental contract, also landlord certificate (form available from ARGE)

  • Proof of income (wage slip), if you have a job alongside your studies

  • Supplementary sheet 2.1, if you have a job in addition to your studies; supplementary sheet 2.2 to be completed by the employer (both forms available from ARGE)

  • Certificate on the amount of the monthly rent actually paid (form available from the ARGE)

  • Supplementary sheet 3 on the financial situation

The supporting documents referred to in these points may be submitted subsequently and need not be available on the day the application is submitted.

In the event of approval, payment will be made from the date on which the applicant has presented himself to the ARGE and collected the application forms (stamp on the form).