Administration fee: Refund

Get the 50€ administration fee back!

One of the following premises is enough:

  • You get BAföG (BAföG decision)
  • You have a child (Birthcetificate)
  • You are disabled, degree of disability: at least 50% (Disabilitycertificate)
  • You nurse somebody (proof by nursing insurance or “medizinischer Dienst”)
  • You are on maternity protection (record about pregnancy or proof by your doctor)
  • You are on maternity leave (Birthcetificate, information about submitted period)
  • You are an international student at UdS with a special program like Erasmus (proof by International office)

Short manual:

  1. Fill out the form “Antrag auf Befreiung der Verwaltungsgebuehr” and scan it in
  2. Fill out the form “Antrag auf Rueckerstattung der Verwaltungsgebuehr” and scan it in (tick “Überzahlung”, it means overpayment)
  3. Scan in the proof
  4. Upload all together
  5. Get the money back!

You find the documents here:

Antrag auf Befreiung der Verwaltungsgebuehr

Antrag auf Rueckerstattung der Verwaltungsgebuehr

You have to upload everything here:

To the submission
The administrative fee was introduced by the university and is also collected and administered by the university. The exemption and reimbursement is handled by the Student Secretariat. We only provide additional information.


If you have any questions you can contact the Referat für Studienfinanzierung.