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Banner Advertising - Terms and Phrases You Should Know
There are many acronyms and abbreviations accustomed to describe banners. It's important for advertisers to understand these terms to make the best choices relating to banner advertising campaign. Here are a few of the most important keywords you need to understand:
Banner views - The number of time a advertising is viewed by visitors to the host webpage. This number is often comparable to the volume of "hits" on the host page, unless the advertising is displayed only with a rotating basis.
Click - The desired action to get a banner advertisement. Advertisers aim for free website auto traffic generator by visitors to "click" the ad and visit their page.
Click through rate (CTR) - a ratio that describes the amount of clicks an advertisement receives compared with the whole banner views.
Cookies - data stored on visitors' computer that permits advertisers to follow the web page from which the visitor originated.
Cost per mille (CPM) - the cost of the ad for each thousand banner views received. Also described as Cost per Thousand (CPT)
Cost per sale (CPS) - reflects the amount spent on advertising in contrast to the volume of sales made as a result of the advertising. While click through rate shows the number of people clicked the ad, CPS reflects the amount the advertiser must spend to earn a purchase.
Hits - Reflects the volume of times a server requests a web page, not unique visitors to the web page. Also known as page views or page impressions.
Run of Site - describes when a your ad is displayed over a website although there is no relevancy involving the advertiser's site as well as the host site.