India Pakistan To Clash At Neutral Asia Cup Venue

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BCCI president Sourav Ganguly said the Asia Cup will be held in Dubai so India and Pakistan can take part

The next Asia Cup will be held in Dubai so that arch-rivals India and Pakistan can both take part, Indian cricket chief Sourav Ganguly said.

The tournament had been scheduled for Pakistan in September but India had refused to take part unless it was held on neutral territory because of tensions between the two countries.

"The Asia Cup will be held in Dubai and both India and Pakistan will play," Ganguly said late Friday before leaving for an Asian Cricket Council meeting in Dubai.

India and Pakistan have not played a bilateral series since 2012-13 when Pakistan crossed the border for a series of one-day internationals.

With their decades-old dispute over Kashmir at a new peak, India has stopped all sports teams going to Pakistan and they have only clashed in cricket at major international events.