Joe And Carly Cole Get Some Valuable Alone Time Together As They Go For A Romantic Walk On The Beach Near Their New Home

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Joe and Carly Cole get some valuable alone time together as they go for a romantic walk on the beach near their new home
By [/home/search.html?s=&authornamef=Georgina+Littlejohn+for+MailOnline Georgina Littlejohn for MailOnline]
Updated: 10:59 BST, 4 August 2010

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It's certainly been a non-stop year for Joe and Carly Cole.

Their baby daughter was born in March, Joe was called up for England in the World Cup and last month he signed on the dotted line for Liverpool FC.

So the couple must have relished some precious alone time together as they took a romantic walk on the beach near their new home.
Romantic stroll: Joe and Carly Cole check out their new surroundings as they go for a walk on the beach near their new home in Merseyside

Joe, 28, and Carly, 26, were snapped checking out their new surroundings as they took a stroll on a beach near their new home in Formby, Merseyside.

The couple are said to be in the process of buying a £2.6million five-bedroom house in the popular footballers' enclave.

They will be just minutes away from  Joe's new Liverpool teammate Steven Gerrard and his wife Alex Curran.
Sandy stroll: Joe and Carly take off their shoes and roll up their trousers as they make their way down one of the dunes

The town of Formby has a population of over 24,000 and its celebrity residents include retired footballers Alan Stubbs, Alan Shearer and Neil Ruddock.

The Coles have apparently plumped for the home after checking out 12 different properties last week.

And fact they have a nice sandy beach right near them must be an added bonus for the couple, who will be able to enjoy sunny afternoons there with daughter Ruby.
Mind your step!

Carly shrieks as her feet hit courser sand as Joe chuckles behind her

Windy: Carly holds her hair back from her face as the couple navigate their way across the sand

And they made the most of their time together as they rolled up their trousers and took off their shoes to walk across the sand.

But whether it was the cold or Carly just wanted to get back to her little girl, the couple soon called it a day.

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They made their way back up the sand dune and shook the sand from their feet as they made their way back.
Easy does it: Joe and Carly slowly make their way back up the steep sand dune

The couple arrived in Liverpool a couple of weeks ago to check out properties ahead of the start of the Premiership season next month.

Following Cole's transfer from Chelsea to Liverpool, he has since been busy in training with his new teammates, while Carly has been hitting the shops for interiors for their new home.

Let's call it a day: Shoes back on, Carly - who affectionately reached out to her man - and Joe, head back to their car