Ubisoft Gives Everyone Watch Dogs 2 For Free After Game Giveaway Glitch

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Watch Dogs Legion was one of the games shown off at Ubisoft's online event Sunday. 

Ubisoft/Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

We were told that if we logged into our [/tags/ubisoft/ Ubisoft] accounts to watch the company's [/news/ubisoft-forward-game-event-watch-here-now/ Ubisoft Forward event] Sunday, we could score drops of a free copy of [ Watch Dogs 2] and more. But stymied by an inability to login, gamers naturally took to social media to complain. Ubisoft eventually decided to just give it away to anyone who registers.

TMW Ubisoft is giving out a free game, and bengalinewsreporting.over-blog.com you haven't used Uplay in years, and Ubisoft has yet to send that Lost Your Password link

and then you figure out you really don't care enough about Watch Dogs 2 or Ubisoft games to pursue this further [ #UbiForward] [ pic.twitter.com/8LZx7SMhDq]
— eternal recurrence effect ed (@thehavenworks) [ July 12, 2020]

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Ubisoft subsequently [ posted in its forum] and on Twitter that [ it'll still be giving out the rewards]. All you have to do is [ register on the site] and the company will add it to your library.

Don't worry! We'll be giving out the rewards to all of you, even if you were unable to log in successfully. Sit back and enjoy the show!
— Ubisoft Support (@UbisoftSupport) [ July 12, 2020]

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You can see the hubbub on the hashtags [ #UbiForward broken] and [ #Ubibackward] on Twitter, among other places. 

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Sunday's event also included a [ long look at Watch Dogs Legion] and the eagerly anticipated [ Hyper Scape], [ a peek at Far Cry 6] and more on [ Assassin's Creed Valhalla].

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[ Ubisoft gives everyone Watch Dogs 2 for free after game giveaway glitch]

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