Functioning Basic Principle Of Vacuum Glove Box

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Vacuum glove box as a precision machines, the typical basic principle is:

The vacuum glove box system is a laboratory devices that fills a high-purity inert fuel into a closed box and circulates and filters out energetic substances (each drinking water and oxygen can achieve under 1PPM) through the purification system.

It is largely composed of cabinet, rack, changeover cabin, gas purification technique, PLC automated regulate system, etc.

It mainly eliminates O2, H2O and natural gases.

Suitable for ultra-pure setting without the need of water, oxygen and dust. These kinds of as: lithium-ion batteries and elements, semiconductors, tremendous capacitors, exclusive lamps, laser welding, brazing, etcetera.

For Etelux vacuum glove containers, we can do:

The glove box is developed for shut circulation to save functioning charges. Below conventional circumstances, that is, a regular temperature of 20oC, a typical atmospheric pressure, an inert gas resource of ninety nine.999%, the water and oxygen indicators are all considerably less than 1 ppm

The 304 stainless metal plate is employed for the box and the transition cabin, and the front window is tempered glass, which is use-resistant and corrosion-resistant

Contact display PLC command, higher diploma of automation, can be recognized: automatic handle of gasoline tension in the box, computerized cleansing of the ambiance in the box, computerized regeneration of purified products, computerized recording of system operation knowledge, and so forth.

Buyers can choose many components on the typical glove box according to actual requires: water analyzer, oxygen analyzer, solvent adsorber, refrigerator higher temperature heating product, laser welding device, and so on.